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Statement for JGPSC

Statement for JGPSC

From the earliest days of the development of commercial GPS, the GPS industries in the United States and Japan have enjoyed a uniquely constructive and fruitful relationship.  For more than 25 years, the Japan GPS Council has been a leader in promoting a frank and open dialogue among key government and industry leaders both in Japan and abroad, on some of the most important issues involving GPS.  In a pioneering field where so many of the questions and issues being faced are new and even unprecedented, the Japan GPS Council along with its counterpart organizations in the United States, Europe and other countries has helped forge a forum in which open communication and exchange of information has been allowed to take place.  As a result of these great cooperative efforts, policies guiding the growth of the GPS industry, development of new technologies, and the emergence of exciting and beneficial applications across a staggeringly wide variety of fields has been made possible on a global scale.  Most importantly, the openness of the dialogue has allowed such impressive development to take place while safeguarding the interests of national security and public safety.



F. Michael Swiek, Executive Director

GPS Innovation Alliance

Washington, DC