The History of JGPSC

The history of JGPSC



July, 1991 ― The meeting for the way that should study the satellite positioing  

                    system was  established by the Ministry of Posts and

                    Telecommunications.  (At present, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and

                    Communications. MIC)


November, 1991 As a mission by the above party, the fact finding mission was   dispatched to Washington D.C. 


December, 1991 The study meeting started the communication with the United States GPS Industry Council (USGIC) as the counterpart at U.S.A.

                            (At present, GPS Innovation Alliance).


November, 1992The inaugural meeting opened, and JGPSC started.


July, 1997“ GPS International Symposium (IISC Asia Pacific Rim Meeting)” sponsored by JGPSC opened at Waseda University. This was a first meeting on GPS in Japan.


February, 1998 Cooperated with USGIC, “GPS Tokyo Seminar” sponsored by USGIC opened at Hotel Okura. High officials of U.S. Government and the people of business circle in U.S had a lecture time for the officers of Japanese Government.


February, 2001“ GPS International Symposium (IISC Asia Pacific Rim Meeting)” sponsored by JGPSC opened at Waseda University.


January, 2002JGPSC sent a proposal to U.S. National Telecommunications and information Administration(NTIA) on the problem of UWB.


July, 2003 JGPSC sent a written opinion to USGIC on U.S.GPS policy.



October, 2003 JGPSC made a lecture at “General Science and Technology Conference” sponsored by Japanese Government. The title was “the latest movement on GPS and Galileo”.


November, 2003“GPS/GNSS International Symposium (CGSIC/IISC Tokyo  Meeting) “ opened at Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall. 


March, 2005 JGPSC made a written request to the Cabinet Office on Quasi-Zenith-Satellite-Systems.


August, 2006 JGPSC made the offering of an opinion to Liberal Democratic Party on “ Act of National Spatial Data Infrastructure.”


March, 2007 Mr.Hiroshi NishiguchiSecretary General of JGPSCwas elected as the member of The National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board. 


July, 2011 JGPSC made a public comment to Federal Communication Committee (FCC) on the problem of LightSquared.


November, 2015 ― JGPSC co-hosted the IS-GNSS 2015 in Kyoto.


December, 2016 JGPSC made the special lecture meeting which was co- sponsored by Association of Radio Industries and Businesses(ARIB).

The speaker was Dr. Scott Pace (Director, Space Policy Institute, The George Washington University).The title was “ The outlook of satellite communications business”.