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Message from Chairperson

Message from Chairperson

In 1992, Japan GPS Council (JGPSC) was established for the dissemination and development of satellite positioning systems in Japan.

The mission of JGPSC is to develop the environment for making proper use of the satellite positioning systems and to seek to promote and enhance the use of the systems. JGPSC's activities and information services include researches on policy and industrial issues, international collaboration and exchange, and policy proposals.

JGPSC's role will play a larger role since Quasi-Zenith-Satellite-Systems,"GPS in Japanese Version", will operate completely in near future.

JGPSC recognizes the ever increasing importance of satellite positioning systems to the global economy and infrustracture in 21th century. We welcome members who wish to help promote and enhance the satellite postioning system.



Prof.Dr. Hiroyuki Morikawa